Meet Jonathan Baker

Jon could be called a Yankee by some, after they figure out that he was born in Maine. Luckily, his family moved to Texas when he was young, and now he likes to consider it his home. During his younger years living in the north east, he got into hockey and carried his love for it all the way to Texas. There he played with some great individuals and even secured a USA Hockey National Championship just before departing high school.

It was during his time playing hockey that his love for hospitality was born. The included breakfasts, comfortable beds, and cleanliness allowed him to put his best skate forward each traveling game day. One of his favorite memories came from the national championship final game where the hotel team attended and cheered the team on to victory (a feat not many Texas hockey teams have accomplished).

Jon started as a night auditor in the newly descripted Premier model of Best Western and worked his way through operations in select service, full service, and extended stay hotels. He worked mainly for IHG during this time before moving to a support role with Hilton. After departing from Hilton, he managed 2,700 rooms as a Director of Operations in housing for the Oil and Gas industry. His experience through each of these previous endeavors led him to partner with former colleagues to form Topline RevPros.

What is your proudest atypical accomplishment?

For those that know me, most have this notion that I am obsessed with cars, and they are not wrong. I thoroughly enjoy cars for many reasons, but I won’t get into at this time. This accomplishment comes from diagnosing a non-fixable engine to replacing the entire drivetrain with just knowing how it’s supposed to work. No walk throughs, no Youtube mechanic videos, just taking it apart and putting a known working one in its place. It was truly a blast. 

Go-to brand when traveling?

I have to say my favorite brand when traveling isn’t set in stone. I tend to gravitate more towards the all-suites brands like Homewood, Embassy, and Staybridge as you always seem to get a bigger room. But I also love the customer service that comes with staying at an Intercon or W hotel. So, I would have to say it depends on my reason for traveling.

What’s a superstition you have? 

This is definitely fueled by my car obsession. It is the insane idea that every little noise your car makes is detrimental to its’ health. Most people don’t think that’s the case, but let me tell ya, if you replace your own engine your superstitious-ness(sure, that’s totally a word) goes through the roof!