Meet Tyler Slaughter

Tyler started his career at Enterprise Rent-A-Car after graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in business.  After becoming a successful manager in Texas, he moved to Pennsylvania where he was responsible for an airport operation and began to understand revenue cycle as the Market Manager. When his wife Kaylie graduated with her masters in Forensic Science (talk about interesting dinner conversations), they moved back to Texas. Tyler transitioned to a fleet account executive role within Enterprise, selling directly to C-Suite business partners.  

After 3 years of being back in Texas, Tyler realized that his true passion was for account management and working directly with clients to solve their direct problems and figuring out complex models.  He had a knack for customer service!  With that, he then transitioned to the revenue management discipline with Hilton at the Revenue Management Consolidated Center, specializing in select services hotels. He was quickly promoted and managed a dynamic portfolio of team members and hotels, including two of Hiltons top 250 hotels. 

Tyler has joked before that revenue management for hotels was a lot like what he loved so much at Enterprise, except hotel rooms don’t have four wheels nor an engine and guests don’t try to hide the hotel rooms from you when it’s time to check out (yes that really happens)! 

He’s been asked what’s the most interesting thing that you’ve found in a rental or a hotelier has found in the room and he can tell you from personal experience…anything and everything you can imagine.  It’s also quite interesting when his work life crosses over with his spouses line of work where a car will go missing, and Kaylie will call and say “hey we’ve got it over here”  or “they found what in the hotel room.”  Again, interesting dinner conversation!

What is an embarrassing piece of trivia from your music-streaming account?  

So I love old country, anyone who’s been around me knows that. What they don’t know is I’ll car karaoke like no one’s business when no one is watching… Dolly, Reba… I got you!

What is your biggest fear? 

Needles… I HATE needles.  Like, I may need to be medicated for my annual physical blood draws!  Yeah… I hate needles.

Most recent Netflix binge? 

So I don’t binge watch a lot unless it’s at the end of the day with Kaylie. After our kids have gone to sleep we watch TV while folding clothes or doing the dishes.  We’re real big into Yellowstone and Vikings right now.  If it’s just me at home during the day, I ran through Peaky Blinders and now The Office (again) is on just as background noise!