Meet Victoria Pecherski

Victoria was born and raised in Canada, in a small town about an hour south of Toronto. Hospitality has always been a dream of hers and her dad loves to tell the story of when she ran up to him one day when she was little and told him that she wanted to open her own hotel. Her family traveled frequently while she was growing up and she would always take mental notes of what she would change at every hotel that they stayed at. These trips with her family would set the foundation for her passion for hospitality in the future.

With her dream career solidified, Victoria ended up studying hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she would begin her career with 3 separate internships. Her first exposure to the industry came through Housekeeping at a Marriott time-share property in Palm Springs, CA. There she learned what it took to successfully run one of the most important teams within the hotel. This experience gave her a unique perceptive when she joined the Front Desk team at the W Seattle where she would learn the mechanics of running night audit and PBX. With 2 rooms operations internships under her belt, Victoria decided to turn her attention to HR. She joined the Talent Acquisition team at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and was able to not only learn how to screen resumes/applications, but how to conduct group interviews as well.

Upon graduation, Victoria joined Fairmont’s SUMMIT Aspiring Leader Program at The Fairmont Dallas. She was able to rotate between supervising the Fairmont Gold Room (VIP lounge) and the Front Desk, which would be a stepping stone to her moving on to the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport as an Assistant Front Office Manager. Standing at 811 rooms at one of the largest international airports, this hotel was a beast to learn and operate. Some of her ‘worst’ days include, picking up almost 500 rooms in one evening due to a diverted international flight, a water pipe bursting in the ceiling of the lobby (as guests were waiting to check-in) and a line of guests starting at the entrance to the hotel, backing up through the airport parking garage and into the terminal to try and get rooms for the night. The hotel would call these days ‘weather nights’ and Victoria became the queen of them as she helped to create checklists and sop’s for these situations. As challenging as her time was at the Hyatt Regency, Victoria appreciates the confidence this experience gave her as a leader and a team member.

At this point in her career, Victoria decided to pivot outside of operations into revenue management after getting some exposure to it working at Hyatt. She joined Hilton at their Revenue Management Consolidated Center and transitioned to providing revenue management consulting for 14 select service hotels across the US and Canada. It was a welcome change for Victoria and she appreciated learning a different perspective of how a hotel runs outside of the operations world, especially the business hours (#corporatelife). Victoria most recently transitioned to working at OTA Insight, a hospitality technology startup based out of Europe.

She’s excited to be heading up Topline’s marketing strategies with her great friend Cameron Peterson, while also piloting the company’s digital strategy efforts. Victoria is currently enrolled in a MBA Program at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, which takes up most of her free time.

Most recent Netflix binge?

Away – Be prepared to shed a few (a lot) of tears on this one. Every episode is a tear-jerker and makes you think what it would be like to live in space for 3 years. Also, #girlpower on the commander being a women!

The longest travel delay you’ve ever experienced?

My fiancee and I were traveling to Barcelona with a layover in Canada and at the time he was a US permanent resident, not a citizen yet. He had all of his paperwork ready to enter Spain, but apparently, Canada had recently passed a new law about US permanent residents needing an electronic visa as well that we had no idea about. We got to the airport and ended up missing our flight. We then proceeded to piece together 4(!) different flights in order to get to Barcelona: Dallas – Detroit, Detroit – New York, New York – Lisbon, Lisbon – Barcelona. I’ve never been on so many flights in one day and I don’t plan on doing it again. Moral of the story = always check travel visa requirements!